Crafted with Excellence

Craft is more than just a way of making things; Perhaps it’s a way of thinking. We share one thing in common, interest in watches. Our passion towards craft and design bring us together and hone it on the concepts that we are most skilled at. With the share amount of time and experience, every watch is carefully crafted right from the case to it’s core.

We love it when we find a brand offering great looking, high spec‘d watches at a good price to boot. Therefore, we started Dial & Hands with the objective to create an elegant yet minimalistic timepieces without too much sophistication and complexity in design at fair price.

Time With Perfection

At Dial & Hands, We focus not only outward appearance but also inward significance. We travelled across the globe assembling a team of industry experts and manufacturers to bring you the highest quality of watches. Unlike brick and mortar sellers, we marketed ourself online to bring you good quality material, thoughtful design and premium on-trend watches at a fraction of the usual price by cutting out the unnecessary costs and crazy markup.

Our Philosophy

Dial & Hands is more than just a brand, it’s an adventure. A wild imagination and magical experience that brought Dial & Hands into existence. We are devoted to keep going and to bring you be it the sentiments of the mountains, the emotions of the forest to the touches of the ocean all into our creation and designs.